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My Approach

As a psychologist, I consider myself like the GPS and you're the main driver in the driver's seat. You will be the one having to do the driving and you would need to let me know where would you like us to go to, a.k.a. your therapeutic goals. I then provide you with different pathways we can take to get you there. But, you have the freedom to choose the pathways - if some approaches or strategies are not the right fit for you, I strongly encourage you to let me know so we can try something different. 

My Values


To be engaged and be fully present with you.


To be curious and open to exploration - no life experience is irrelevant in the sessions.


To be accountable for my ongoing learning and development, so that you will get the most evidence-based and up-to-date therapy approaches. 


To actively share my knowledge that can contribute to your improvement.


To uphold honesty, and ethical and moral principles.

Respectful Transparency

To be transparent and respectful in my way of communicating with you. 

Plant Mirror Reflection
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